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Confocal laser scanning microscope

  • Confocal imaging with up to 10 fps
  • Objectives: 10x, 20x / 63x water, 40x / 100x oil imm., 40x / 63x water dipping
  • Spectrometric imaging with four freely selectable emission ranges and settings for any fluorochrome 
  • line and frame sequential scanning 
  • Two-photon excitation with internal  or non-descanned detectors
Kristiansen et al 2009 Physiol Plantar

Arabidopsis leaf double-stained with a DNA- (syto) and a mitochondria-sepcific dye (Rh). Chloroplast-specific autofluorescence is false-coloured in blue. From: Kristiansen KA, Jensen PE, Møller IM Schulz (2009), Physiologia Plantarum 136:369-383

Laser lines

Beam splitter



351, 364 nm UV

fast BS



458,488,496,514 nm

freely tuneable AOBS

freely selectable range


543, 633 nm

freely tuneable AOBS


780-920 nm MP

fast BS