High speed confocal

  • Confocal imaging with up to 35 frames per second
  • Objectives: 10x 20x, dipping 40x 60x, immersion 60x water, 100x oil
  • EM-CCD camera and settings to visualize CFP, GFP, YFP, RFP

Organell tracking

Kinetics of vesicle movement in root cells. The movie above shows the movement of fluorescently labeled vesicles in real time, made possible by the high acquisition rate of the spinning disc confocal. The data can be used for precise tracking of the vesicles, providing information on the kinetics of intracellular trafficking (Liesche unpublished)

Laser lines

Beam splitter



445 nm

x   x    x



488 nm

x         x



514 nm

     x    x



561 nm

x   x    x