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22 January 2014

New instrument at CAB cosponsored by Carlsberg!

long term observation

A fluorescence microscope for long-term recordings, namely a Nikon BioStation IM-Q is now available at CAB.

Increasing number of projects in cell sciences require highly controlled environmental conditions in order to visualize processes in living cell over extended periods of time. One of the most stable and verified instruments on the market is the BioStation IM-Q made by Nikon and Through an application to Carlsberg foundation it is now available at CAB, North campus.

Resistant to thermal expansion

The BioStation incorporates a microscope, an incubator and a high-sensitivity cooled CCD camera in one providing a stable environment for live cells and advanced solutions for long-term time-lapse data acquisition. Both phase contrast images and two fluorescent images can be recorded at each time point.

The focusing mechanism is made from thermal-stable materials and is therefore resistant to thermal expansion that greatly reduces focus drift. Moreover, the objective lens is moved instead of the stage.

This eliminates focus drift caused by vibration of culture dish, avoids moving of cells and thus minimizing stress on the cells. Therefore the BioStation allows performance of long-term experiments on live cells under optimal conditions, enabling one to follow processes that happen during a cell cycle, cell differentiation and cell stimulation, migration and cell-cell interaction.

Tracking of individual cells over long timespans

The ability to follow cells live in long-term experiments creates an important platform for understanding more complex processes that are hard to resolve in short/limited time dimensions of standard microscopes.

The Nikon NIS element software will allow extended analysis of the image data obtained, enabling tracking of individual cells, recording of division and analysis of cell morphology.

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