Tonni Grube Andersen wins Nikon Award for Best Presentation – University of Copenhagen

02 July 2013

Tonni Grube Andersen wins Nikon Award for Best Presentation


During the Bioimaging Workshop Copenhagen 2013 held by Center for Advanced Bioimaging, University of Copenhagen, 27-28 June 2013, Tonni Grube Andersen from Center for Dynamic Interactions (DynaMo), University of Copenhagen, won the Nikon Award for Best Presentation.

Tonni´s presentation was entitled 'Chemically induced dimerization as a tool in analysis of binary protein-protein interactions'. In the presentation Tonni described an approach based on integrating chemically induced dimerization (CID) into a binary multi-method protein-protein interaction (PPI) protocol.

Tonni Grube Andersen in front of the microscope used for the bioimaging illustrations in his presentation.

By implementing the ability to chemically induce PPI in the investigation, Tonni explained how to lower the rate of false negative interactions and hence increase the sensitivity of the used method. He clearly showed how his approach can be engineered to be compatible with widely used systems for PPI analysis such as fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)–based analyses, Bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC) and split ubiquitin-based yeast-two-hybrid systems.

The organizing committee from Center for Advanced Bioimaging nominated four of the presenters, one from each of the four sessions, for the Nikon Award for Best Presentation. The workshop participants then choose among the four nominees and a clear majority voted for Tonni´s presentation.

The prize was a Nikon SLR Camera.

An example from Tonni's prize winning presentation which was clear, well structured, scientifically superb and with a glimpse of humor