Professional use of microscopes is integrated in the Biology-Biotechnology education at the University of Copenhagen.

Undergraduate Courses:

Studends experience a progression in skills when having the mandatory courses Cell Biology, Basic Plant Biology and the thematic course Experimental Molecular Biology.

Master projects:

The co-applicants of the CAB proposal (see People) offer Master projects at their respective departments. All supervisors of Master projects at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, may request training of their Master students, if imaging is to be part of the project.  

PhD Course Modules:

The modular course Advanced Methods in Microscopy spans theory, hands-on and  training at all types of research microscopes. The course covers all biologically relevant methods in microscopy and presents their theoretical background as well as the practical control of the instruments. Preparations methods and training at the instruments is included. The course is structured in modules related to the different instruments and methods. Students interested in the course can freely choose the appropriate module(s).