Access to the Core facility is open for any user after initial training. At each of the locations a highly experienced team is responsible for consultation, training users, method development and maintenance.

For each instrument, a web page indicates its basic features, location and the person(s) responsible. Find a list of all CAB instruments here

Some high end instruments are not (yet) available for autonomous access. In this case, please contact the person responsible for consultation!

Time fee

A moderate time fee is requested to cover expenses such as service contracts, replacement of lasers, disposables and maintenance.  Information on the rates is found at the instrument descriptions and here


If presenting data from our instruments in a scientific publication, please acknowledge CAB, e.g., "Imaging data were collected at the Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB) Denmark, University of Copenhagen". This is essential for CAB's future! 

CAB papers

Please notify us whenever one of your papers is published containing imaging data. It will then be listed at this site 


Booking of the instruments for registered users is possible from any web browser at this address.