Contact – University of Copenhagen


Head of Center
Professor Alexander Schulz

Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
University of Copenhagen
Thoraldsensvej 40
1871 Frederiksberg C
Tel: + 45 35 33 33 50

Center Manager
North Campus
Nynne Meyn Christensen
University of Copenhagen BIO
Ole Maaløesvej 5
2200 København N
Tel: +45 35 33 33 31

Center Manager
Frederiksberg Campus
Michael Hansen
University of Copenhagen PLEN
Thorvaldsensvej 40
1871 Frederiksberg C
Tel: +45 35 33 33 31


The Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB) Denmark is a shared core facility for the University of Copenhagen. CAB is located at Frederiksberg Campus (shown in red on map) and North Campus (shown in blue on map) respectively.