CAB Organization

CAB is a core facility located at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences and the Department of Biology at the Faculty of Science, UCPH. The center is governed by a steering committee, consisting of the Head of Center, a group of coordinators distributed among the involved institutions as well as the CAB staff team.

The steering committee and staff meet monthly to discuss the daily management of the center, as well as strategic decisions and future developments of the center.    

Diagram of CAB's organization

Head of Center

Alexander Schulz, Department of Plant & Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen (UCPH)


Anne-Marie Heegaard, Department of Drug Design & Pharmacology, UCPH
Poul Hyttel, Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science, UCPH
Michael Lisby, Department of Biology, UCPH
Ivana Novak, Department of Biology, UCPH
Staffan Persson, Department of Plant & Environmental Sciences, UCPH

CAB team

Catherine Nielsen, Lab Technician, Frederiksberg Campus
Nynne Meyn Christensen, Research Application Scientist, North Campus
Sebastian Kjeldgaard-Nintemann, Research Application Scientist, Frederiksberg Campus

Scientific Advisory Board  

CAB established a scientific advisory board in order to learn from other core facilities from around the world, as well as to stay close to current developments and maintain contact to established experts from bioimaging-related fields. Apart from providing advice on strategic development of the center, the scientific advisory board is also active in CAB’s biannual bioimaging workshop and summer school. The scientific advisory board consists of the following members:

Julia Fernández-Rodríguez, Head of Centre for Cellular Imaging Core Facility, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Roland Nitschke, Academic Director of Life Imaging Center, University of Freiburg, Germany

T.W.J. Gadella Jr., Director van Leeuwenhoek Centre for Advanced Microscopy, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands