16 February 2023

New HCS microscope at CAB

The Roadmap grant to Danish Bioimaging network (DBN) means that CAB get two new microscopes this spring. The first is a new inverted high content screening microscope, and the choice fell on the Opera Phenix. The Phenix is a spinning disk robot microscope that can handled both well plates and slides as sample carrier. Equipped with 5 lasers, a large filter collection and highly sensitive sCMOS sensors, the microscope can image most fluorophores. The system has a liquid handling module that allow for automated addition of compounds to wells/slides; coupled with a high frame rate of 100fps it is well-suited to assays such as calcium flux and cardiotoxicity studies.

Yeast cells

The system allows for prescan with low magnification, analysis to find specific structures/cells and automated rescan with high magnification of the found structures of interest. The analysis software includes AI allowing you to training the software to recognize complex structures/cells that are not straight forward to separate.