CAB News

PhD course - a few seats are still available
UCPH's PhD course "Biological Imaging" starts April 26. A few seats are still available. To enroll and see details just follow the link.

New Center manager at PLEN
CAB is very happy to present the new Center Manager on Frederiksberg campus: Sebastian J Kjeldgaard-Nintemann, PhD. Sebastian takes over from Michael Hansen who retired earlier this year. Sebastian has advanced experience with confocal and life time microscopy, processing of images, both from cell biology and astronomy, and comes from a postdoctoral position, where he worked on plasma membranes using yeast and plant cells.

PhD course in Transmission and Scanning electron microscopy.
Basic hands-on course in TEM and SEM of mammalian cells. In this course, particular focus will be given to the use of TEM and SEM for detection of cellular disease phenotypes in neurons and glia cells differentiated from patient specific induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) serving as neural in vitro cell models for neurodegeneration. The course runs from 23rd November to 2nd December, and gives 6.2 ECTs. Applications before October 23, 2020.

New CAB coordinator
We are very happy to announce Professor Staffan Persson as new coordinator at CAB. He just moved with his group from Melbourne to Copenhagen. His group will be heavy user of advanced microscopy. Here in particular with the brand-new spinning disk confocal which Staffan has secured through his grants. It will be installed soon.
CAB is a core facility that serves all scientists at the University of Copenhagen who need advanced microscopy. To ensure communication between the four most active departments and the core facility, the departments are represented by coordinators at the monthly CAB meetings.

Rules at CAB under covid19
CAB is now opening up again for research that has been allowed to start up by the heads of department. Please familiariser yourself with the following rules before entering CAB.

Next generation confocal imaging -postponed!
Due to Corona lock down the the Zeiss hands-on demo 17th - 26th of March 2020 has been postponed. We will update with new dates as soon as possible. You invited to a hands-on demo where you can experience the brand new developments in live cell imaging with ZEISS LSM 980. The microscope is with airyscan, giving a resolution down to 120 nm, and the new multiplex mode it should be able to get these high resolution images at high speed. Come and test it on your own samples

New course
Please note our new course on the use of electromagnetic radiation and neutrons to image whole organisms, tissues, cells or compartmens and resolve molecular structures!

The structure of the extracellular matrix (ECM) revealed
Alejandro Mayorca and co-workers at BRIC have been using CABs SP5X microscope to image 3D ECM structures and composition with unpreceded details. Using their recently developed method termed in situ decellularization of tissues (ISDoT) they have isolate native 3D ECM scaffolds from whole organs in which ECM structure and composition are preserved allowing for immunostaining and imaging of ECM proteins.