1st Bioimaging Workshop Copenhagen

June 2007

Invited lecture

Overview over contemporary methods in bioimaging: the multiphoton revolution under the microscope from 3D to 7D imaging while moving to nanoscopy, by Alberto Diaspro (LAMBS, Genoa, Italy)

Session 1 - Bioimaging in space and time (Chair: Poul Maddox-Hyttel)

Reconstruction of invertebrate neuro- and myogenesis in space and time, by Andreas Wanninger (KU-NAT)

Imaging of activity in synapses, dendrites and neuronal networks, by Jens Midtgaard (KU-SUND)

Visualisation of oxidative stress in plants, by Christine Desel (Kiel Univ.)

In vivo imaging of viral RNA trafficking in plants, by Nynne Christensen (Edinburgh Univ.)

Subcellular localisation of a putative calcium binding protein from barley, by Jakob Skov (DTU Risø)

Session 2 - Bioimaging of physiologically relevant metabolites and receptors (Chair: Henrik Siegumfeldt)

ATP Universal signalling molecule: bioimaging of epithelia, by Ivana Novak (KU-NAT)

Incorporation of phosphate nanosensors in onion root cells by a TAT protein transduction domain, by Hong Gu (KU-LIFE)

Optical nanosensor particles for detection of metabolites in living cells, by Anne Marie Scharff-Poulsen (DTU-Risø)

Accurate FRET investigation of G-Protein Coupled Receptors in living cells using the versatile ACP labeling technique, by Jean-Baptiste Perez (KU-NAT)

Session 3 - Bioimaging of membranes and membrane-flow processes (Chair: Lars-Inge Larsson)

Biophotonics and the lateral structure of biological membranes, by Luis Bagatolli (SDU)

Visual mapping of cell wall biosynthesis in plant Golgi, by Yumiko Sakuragi (KU-LIFE)

Endocytic downregulation of ErbB2 is stimulated by cleavage of its C-terminus, by Mads Lerdrup (KU-SUND)

Nanoscale imaging of reconstituted membrane-associated scaffolds, by Dimitrios Stamou (KU-SUND)