2nd Bioimaging Workshop Copenhagen

June 2009

Invited lectures

Imaging techniques for the study of lung physiology by Michael L. Sanderson (University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA)

Making light work in microscopy by Tony Wilson (University of Oxford, Great Britain)

Opening session

Biophysical, structural and compositional characterization of Native Pulmonary Surfactant Membranes directly isolated from mice, by Jorge Bernardino de la Serna (SDU-MEMPHYS)

pH imaging in cancer cell compartments, by Rikki Vicki Benjaminsen (DTU-Nanotech)

Session 2 Bioimaging developments and membrane biology (Chair: Thomas Günther-Pomorski)

One- and three photon excitation for ultraviolet microscopy of sterols in living cells and organisms, by Daniel Wüstner (SDU-MEMPHYS)

Combining LAURDAN generalized polarization and fluorescence lifetime imaging as a tool in skin diagnostics, by Maria Bloksgaard (SDU-MEMPHYS)

Membrane structure and the activity of sphingomyelinase D: A story of interference,
by Kerstin Wagner (SDU-MEMPHYS)

Session 3 - Bioimaging of intra- and intercellular transport processes (Chair: Michael G. Palmgren)

The language of shape: biological reactions are dramatically affected by the shape of lipid membranes, by Dimitrios Stamou (KU-NANO)

Lipid flippases and vesicle budding: can bioimaging show the connection?
by Rosa Laura López Marqués (KU-LIFE)

Visualizing trafficking of sucrose transporter StSUT1 from Solanum tuberosum
by Johannes Liesche (KU-LIFE)

Evidence for unidirectional flow through plasmodesmata, by Nynne M. Christensen (DTU-Risø)

Cell communication in plants as followed by uncaging and FRAP, by Helle J. Martens (KU-LIFE)

Session 4 - Bioimaging in animal and medical biology (Chair: Henrik Siegumfeldt)

Dynamic organization of signaling and repair on damaged chromosomes
by Claudia Lukas (Institute of Cancer Biology & Center for Genotoxic Stress Research)

The use of confocal laser scanning microscopy in clinical experimental research
by Kim A. Kristiansen (Glostrup Research Institute, Glostrup Hospital)

Scale invariance in Bioimaging: fish gender determination using fractal analysis of ultrasound images, by Fintan McEvoy (KU-LIFE)