4th Bioimaging Workshop Copenhagen

June 2013

Invited lectures

Jesper Glückstad: Nano‐biophotonics using new light‐driven tools

Alberto Diaspro: Hidden beauty in the cell revealed by optical nano-bioimaging

Session 1: Light-driven sculpturing, trapping and sorting (Chair: Katrine Worsaae)

Dino Ott: The Optical Cell Rotator – Orienting cells with a light touch

Rosa López-Marqués: Imaging lipid transport in plants and yeast using CLSM

Session 2: Development and application of specific fluorochromes and sensors (Chair: Ivana Novak)

Thomas Just Sørensen: Long fluorescence lifetime probes in optical imaging
Piret Raudsepp: BODIPY665/676 as radical scavenger

Sofie Lange: Genetically encoded calcium sensors targeted to different organelles

Carl-Henrik Brogren: How to image the pancreatic beta‐cell in vitro and in vivo by he monoclonal autoantibody IC2

Session 3: Imaging protein-protein interaction in vivo (chair: Michael Lisby)

Christoph Crocoll: Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation (BiFC) in chloroplasts of N. benthamiana

Christian Poulsen: Protein‐protein interactions in the plant Golgi apparatus, studied with FRET acceptor photobleaching technique

Tonni Grube Andersen: Chemically induced dimerization as a tool in analysis of binary protein-protein interactions

Session 4: Integrated Imaging (chair: Helle J. Martens)

Alexandra Kerbl: Pimp up my data – Section‐based 3D‐reconstructions and their use for data interpretation and presentation of detailed structures exemplified with small animal morphology

Xavier Robin: Genome‐scale morphological mapping of the mechanisms underlying cell invasion

Rune Pedersen: Functional characterization of proteins associated with DNA anaphase bridges in DT40 cells