3rd Bioimaging Workshop Copenhagen

June 2011

Invited lecture

Daniel Axelrod: Submicroscopic microscopy

Session 1: Imaging of health- and stress-related processes in situ (Chair: Michael B. Palmgren, Dan Holmberg)

Jonathan Brewer: Liposome interaction with human skin
Shashank Gupta: Global and 3D imaging of cellular interactionSusanne Germann: Checkpoint-blind anaphase bridges in yeast
Lotte Pedersen: Assembly of primary cilia
Jon Sporring: Fast Lebesgue registration

Session 3 Imaging of complex processes exploiting the spectral properties of light (Chair: Yumiko Sakuragi)

Sergey Kucheryavskiy: Hyperspectral imaging
Cecilie Karkov Ytting: Optical biosensors
Rikke V. Benjaminsen: Evaluating nanoparticle sensor design
Rosa López-Marqués: Shedding light on the role of lipid flippases

Session 4 Imaging of membrane flow: from ER via Golgi to plasma membrane (Chair: Michael Lisby)

Jonas la Cour: Involvement of Ca2+ in COPII-dependent protein traffic
Casper Søgaard: A method for identification of protein membrane topology
Christian P. Poulsen: Studying protein-protein interactions
Carl-Henrik Brogren: The pancreatic beta-cell specific monoclonal antibody

Inauguration of the Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB)


Alexander Schulz, Head of Center

Inauguration Address

Rektor Ralf Hemmingsen

Presentations by the Scientific Board

Dr. Roland Nitschke, Life Imaging Center, University of Freiburg
Professor Luis Bagatolli, Danish Molecular Biomedical Imaging Center, SDU Odense

Presentation of web portal www.cab.ku.dk and booking system
Alexander Schulz

Presentation of selected CAB instruments

CAB coordinators at LIFE, SCIENCE and PHARMA:
Ivana Novak, Anne-Marie Heegaard, Michael Lisby and Alexander Schulz

Inauguration Talk

The Art of Life Cell Imaging
Professor Erik M.M. Manders, University of Amsterdam, University of Ghent

Opening address at the Core facility

Associate Dean Erik Bisgaard Madsen