7th Bioimaging Workshop Copenhagen

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12:00 Registration opens (sandwich included)
13:00 Alexander Schulz: Welcome address
Session I
13:05 Clemens Löwik: New in vivo optical imaging tools for cancer and stem cells: translation to the clinic
14:00 Poul Hyttel: Reprograming of fibroblasts into induced pluripotent stem cells 
14:20 Jonathan Chevalier: Somatic cells undergo temporary reprogramming mediated by autophagy 
14:40 Commercial 1: Ramcon - Nikon
14:45 Coffee and poster viewing / exhibition
Session 2
15:00 Michael Lisby: News from the Danish Bioimaging network
15:10 Anja T. Fuglsang: Plant live imaging: Plant peptide hormones regulate the proton ATPase
15:30 Eva Arnspang Christensen: Combining photoactivated localization microscopy and spatiotemporal image correlation spectroscopy to characterize the spatial-temporal dynamics of aquaporin-2
15:50 Ao Chen: Spatial Omics – A Bridge between Life Sciences and Medical Sciences
16:10 Commercial 2: Carl Zeiss
16:15 Commercial 3: Perkin Elmer
16:20 Snacks and poster viewing / exhibition
Session 3
16:50 Raghavendra Selvan: Presentation of the Data Science Laboratory
17:10 Mette Galsgaard Malle: Thermodynamic and kinetic characterization of a functionalized DNA nanopore
17:30 Thomas L, Sørensens-Hygum: Anhydrobiotic survival in the tidal heterotardigrade Echiniscoides sigismundi
17:50 Commercial 4: Olympus
17:55 Commercial 5: Luxendo - Bruker
18:00 Poster presentation and exhibition
18:30 Workshop Dinner
Session 4
09:00 Karin Busch: Dynamics of individual membrane proteins in mitochondria: Which trajectory maps result from this?
09:55 Pascal Hunziker: Biosynthesis, modification and transport of defence compounds during compatible and incompatible Arabidopsis-powdery mildew interactions
10:15 Lara Smigielski: Revealing the unknown: The isoelectric point of proteins influences their translocation into the extrahaustorial matrix
10:35 Chandana Panday: Determination of pathogen sensitivity of barley cultivars by multi-reflectance and -fluorescence imaging combined with physiological phenotyping
10:55 Commercial 6: Triolab - Leica
11:00 Commercial 7: Andor Technology - Bitplane
11:05 Coffee and poster viewing / exhibition
Session 5
11:30 Casper Hempel: Soft x-ray imaging of complex samples
11:50 Guanghong Zeng: Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy in bacteria and biofilm research
12:10 Janina Sprenger: Incorporation of small to mid-size proteins into crystal solvent channels
12:30 Alexander Schulz: Closing remarks, thereafter sandwich