Super resolution microscope

  • 3D-Structural Illumination Microscope (3D-SIM) with 3 fold improved lateral and axial resolution, compared to CLSM
  • Fluorescence Localisation Microscope (PALM, STORM) with up to 10 fold improved resolution and 100nm in TIRF mode
  • Total Internal Reflection Microscope with 4-6 fold improved axial resolution, compared to CLSM
  • Objectives: 10x/0.3, 40x/1.4 oil, 63x/1.4 oil, 63x/1.2 W, 100x/1.46 oil
Double staining actin membrane protein

Primary myoblasts double-stained with an actin and a membrane specific antibody. Iwona Ziomkiewicz, Bolette Bjerregaard, Lars-Inge Larsson

Laser lines

Beam splitter



405 nm

Double BS

BP 420-480 nm + LP 750 nm

One EM-CCD for Fluorescence

488 nm

Triple BS


localisation microscopy


Double BS     

 BP 459-575 nm + LP 750 nm

Two sCMOS for 3D- SIM 

642 nm

Double BS

 BP 570-650 nm + LP 750 nm