Histology Laboratory

  • The histolab is equipped with everything needed for light and electron microscopic preparations
  • Fume hood, sample evacuation and sample rotation for fixation, dehydration and embedding 
  • Ovens for penetration of paraplast and polymerisation of epoxy and metacrylate resins
  • Microtomes for fresh, freeze, thin and ultrathin sectioning; i.e. cryostat microtome, ultramicrotome and vibrating microtome (see upper panel) and rotation microtome
  • The resulting sections can be analysed and documented with bright fieldscanning and transmission electron microscopes (examples shown below)   

Protein bodies localised in marama seeds (Tylosema
Pollen grain from the hetero-stylous plant Lythrum salicaria

Plasmodesmata between leaf cells in Arabidopsis

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