High-end inverted CLSM

  • Leica Stellaris 8 state-of-the-art confocal microscope
  • Supercontinuum white light laser (WLL) with up to 8 excitation lines and extended range between 440 nm and 790 nm
  • Extremely flexible imaging with freely tunable emission wavelength and freely tunable excitation wavelength (WLL)
  • Objectives: 10x/0.4 Air, 20x/0.75 Glyc, 40x/1.25 Glyc and 63x/1.3 Glyc
  • High sensitivity with Power HyD S and HyD X hybrid detectors
  • Fluorescence lifetime functionality  
  • Enhanced tile scan functionality in 4 dimensions

Arabidopsis thaliana seedling, xyz-tilescan. Chlorophyll autofluorescence and propidium iodide cell wall stain.