Confocal laser scanning microscope

  • Confocal imaging with up to 25 fps
  • Objectives: 10x, immersion: 20x 63x water, 40x 63x oil; dipping: 20x 40x 63x water
  • Supercontinuum white light laser (WLL) with up to 8 excitation lines between 470nm and 670nm
  • Two-photon excitation with internal or non-descanned detectors
  • line, frame and stack sequential scanning
  • Spectrometric imaging with five freely selectable emission ranges and settings for any fluorochrome

Tobacco leaf mesophylls 3D: movie showing chloroplasts recording in xyz with the resonant scanner, visualised by Volocity software (Liesche et al. unpublished)

Laser lines

Beam splitter



355,405 nm UV,V

fast BS


458,488,496,514 nm

tuneable AOBS

range freely selectable


470-670 nm WLL




690-1040 nm MP

fas tBS